Drunk dick, whiskey dick, tequila soaked limp worm. Whatever you call it, alcohol related erectile disfunction is no laughing matter, especially if you’re trying to hook up with someone that you’d like to see again when you’re sober. So…how do you sea with the dreaded drunk dick? Keep reading and find out.


You’re drunk and your dick won’t work, want to know why?




People often forget that there are in fact medical reasons for why their sex parts will suddenly malfunction. There are definite reasons, medically speaking, for having erectile problems after a long night of drinking.

  • Vascular issues. Basically alcohol relaxes your veins. That sounds good in theory, until you realize that your penis holds an erection by restricting blood from leaving the penis.
  • Central nervous system depressant. Booze confuses the nervous system and makes everything less sensitive. That means if you punch a wall, your hand doesn’t hurt as much as it would if you were sober. It also means your cock will be less responsive to stimulus that would usually make it stand at attention.


How much is too much alcohol for your penis?


Everyone’s body reacts to alcohol differently. Some men may be able to put back a six pack of beer and carry on with sex as usual. Others may have a sip of whiskey and their dick will punish them for the rest of the night. For most men though, when sex is a possibility, a two drink maximum is a pretty good standard for preventing drunk dick.


What to do if you’re limp after a night of drinking.



If your soldier refuses to rise to attention, there are graceful ways to avoid that disappointed look. Check out the list below.

  • You can make out and then get her number and leave, telling her you want to take things slow because you dig her.
  • Focus on giving her oral sex and say that next time she can return the favor.
  • Pretend to receive an emergency text message from a friend that you have to “rescue” right away.
  • Just tell her the truth, that you’ve got drunk dick. Then…forward her this article!


Remember, if your penis was a superhero, booze would be it’s kryptonite. Don’t drink too much and exercise regularly to prevent erectile disfunction.