The erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey has become a massive hit and a trailblazer in the book world in the past few months. In fact, 50 Shades Of Grey is one of the first erotic novel that involves kink and BDSM play to ever become a #1 New York Times’ Bestseller.

That being said, there is quite a bit of controversy around Fifty Shades and not just due to its erotic nature. Many critics have blasted the author E.L. James for her writing style. Keep reading and see if this naughty, kinky erotic novel is worth reading.




Fifty Shades Of Grey synopsis


The plot traces the relationship between a recent college grad Anastasia Steele and a self-made (still in his twenties) billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is asked to sign a contract allowing Grey complete control over her life. She learns that he enjoys the sexual charge of bondage, domination and sadism and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual.

In order to be his partner she agrees to experiment with BDSM but struggles to reconcile who she is (a virgin who has never previously had a boyfriend) with who Christian wants her to be: his submissive, to-do-with-as-he-pleases partner in his “Red Room of Pleasure”.

What’s good about 50 Shades Of Grey?


There are actually a lot of positive things about Fifty Shades of Grey. For starters, as an erotic novel, it does its job well by providing lots of hot, sexy moments that are sure to get most readers incredibly aroused.

50 Shades also has brought BDSM into the spotlight like few novels before it have. It showcases a number (but not all by a long shot) of different kinks and BDSM play options for those who are willing to go there.

Although there is some controversy over whether or not this book is misogynistic, in my option it’s not. The main character Anastasia actually negotiates her “contract” quite a bit, calls him out on the fact that it’s not legally binding and really in some ways does know what she’s getting into. If anything, the novel accurately portrays how submissives in the BDSM community actually have more control than their “Doms”.

The novel is also easy to read, as easy as it is to watch a summer blockbuster.


What’s so bad about Fifty Shades Of Grey?



Fifty Shades of  Grey got raked over the coals by literary critics and rightly so. This novel is a  train wreck from a literature standpoint. It’s meant as escapist fantasy, but, still even escapist fantasy can be too over the top. Two words: bad editing. From the ridiculous character names to the annoying dialog, if you’re a book snob, don’t buy this book. (It should also be noted that this book started off as fan fiction on the Internet so it’s no surprise that it’s so poorly written).

Although it’s a trailblazer when it comes to bringing BDSM to the masses, it also brings with it the BDSM subculture inaccuracies and annoying psychological stereotypes about kink (such as that everyone who likes BDSM must have suffered abuse as a child).

It is hard to believe at times. Really hard. The main character is in her twenties and she’s a virgin, hasn’t ever masturbated or orgasmed in her life. Yet with all this, she’s fine with becoming this relative stranger’s sexual play thing.


Overall, is Fifty Shades of Grey worth reading?


If you’re looking for something to get off to, this book is for you. If you’re looking for a great work of fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey will disappoint and enrage you. Take this book for what it is, a book that stimulate your body, not your mind.