When it comes to fun sex positions, sometimes comfortableness is thrown out the window. Not with this great adult wrestle move! Read on and see how fun getting down on your knees with your hands on the bed can be, with an adult friend.

How to do the comfortable wheelbarrow.


Get out the condoms and head into the bedroom, you’re in for a ride. First off make sure you have a bed that is a proper distance off the ground. If you have a minimalist low rider style bed, you might have to do this on you knees, which is not quite as comfortable and might give you rub burns. If you do have a more normal bed, this sex position should work fine.

Strip off your clothes in a sexy manner and get over to the end of the bed. Lay down on your stomach with your feet touching the floor, everything from the waist down should be off of the bed, everything else will be relaxed on the bed, put some pillows under you if you need to add a little height.


Next spread your legs to a comfortable angle.


Now let your adult friend give you some oral sex from behind. This is an unusual way to receive cunnilingus and quite a treat! Once you’re all warmed up and the condom is on, your partner should lift your legs at the knees and penetrate you doggy style while you relax on the bed. Sure there is some heavy lifting from their end, but it sure is a comfortable wheelbarrow ride for you!



*Bonus tip* Have your partner slip a finger into your anus for more penetrative pleasure!

Remember to use condoms and have fun with your sex life!