It’s that time of the week again folks…that’s right it’s sex position of the week! This week, it may not be easy being green but The Frogger is a great position if you want an easy orgasm. What are you waiting for? Jump off that lilly pad and hop over to your adult friend, you’ve got a new sex position to try.




Getting it on like a wild frog!


The Frogger sex position has many positive and only a few drawbacks. It’s actually a great sex position from a visual standpoint (the woman is very “spread” and on top) and if your partner has a very long penis that sometimes hits your cervix, this position will help keep things more shallow. On the flip side, if your partner has a small penis and you are shy nudity wise, this might not be the sex position for you. That being said…let’s get started.


How to work this sex position.




When engaging in sex, foreplay is always an important aspect. The woman is doing a lot of the work in this position so she should has the most sexual stimulation. For more on how to give oral sex to a woman, check out this article on giving oral to a woman. Now to assume the position. The penetrating partner sits on a couch or bed with their knees hip width apart. The top partner squats over him, either staying on their toes or relaxing onto their knees,while slowly lowering onto the bottom partner. By bouncing lightly, or strongly there will be enough movement and friction for a fantastic sex romp!


*Bonus tip* Because the vagina is so spread open it in a unique position that make orgasms easier to achieve, to make things even easier, stimulate the clitoris on the outside for a mind blowing orgasm!

As always, always use condoms when engaging in sexual activity!