It looks like we may have another Sasha Grey on our hands in Hollywood. Adult film star James Deen has signed on to star in a mainstream feature film, co-staring Lindsay Lohan!




James Deen, who made our list of 4 Sexually Progressive Adult Film Stars To Watch, has never done a mainstream movie before, but in our opinion, it was only a matter of time. With his unconventional looks (for the porn scene), decent acting skills and the way he presents himself to the media (he came off as very down to earth in The Good Men Project article from last year) adult film star James Deen has always been destined for more than just hardcore porn.


The Canyons will be staring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan.




“The Canyons” is a contemporary thriller that documents “five twenty-somethings’ quest for power, love, sex and success in 2012 Hollywood,” and will be directed by Paul Schrader, who, it should be noted is a pretty amazing director (he directed American Gigolo and wrote the screenplays for Raging Bull and Taxi Driver).

Lindsay Lohan is apparently very excited about the role and has not commented on the unique acting history of her co-star (a good move for Lindsay, considering her rap sheet).


Will James Deen be able to make the leap to mainstream movies?




Although at one time there was a heavy amount of stigma attached to actors in the adult film industry, this is starting to change. Even women are being treated with more respect, thanks, in part to former porn star Sasha Grey (who now models, does charity work and acts in Hollywood films).

This isn’t the only reason why James Deen may become a successful mainstream actor. The truth is not only is Deen a good looking, but he also has always stood out in the porn movies as quite a decent actor. Of course, right now all we have to compare him with is his adult film star contemporaries. How he’ll do beside mainstream actors has yet to be seen, but things look promising…