Sex in the movies is all about soft lighting and perfectly proportioned bodies, but in real life things are messy, oversized and sometimes undersized. So, does the penis size of an adult friend really matter? I’ll be delving into some statistics and stories today to get to the bottom of this heavily debated issue.




First off I should say that as a sexual health nurse, I have seen quite a few dick in my day and I have to say, they are really like snowflakes, none is quite the same as the next. There is NO SUCH THING AS NORMAL. I feel terrible for men who agonize constantly over whether or not their penis is average, or normal.

This is just the opinion of one sexually active woman but…

Even outside of my job as a nurse in a health clinic I has seen a lot of dicks in my day and I can say that how big a man’s dick is, does not effect my sexual satisfaction. In fact, more often than not, just like with super hot people, the bigger the dick, they lazier the lover.



Interesting statistic, women who have relationships with men who have a micro-penis report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than women who are dating men with larger dicks. Why is this the case? Well, since only 25% of women can orgasm through vaginal sex alone, it makes sense that most of these guys more than make up for their mini dicks by giving great oral pleasure. Also, a forearm is pretty damned big and sex toys offer great sexual satisfaction as well.

People often over estimate how large their penis is. Here is a chart taken at an unnamed university in one of the southern states of America.

As you can see, a very high percentage of men said that their penis was six inches long, which is the “standard” size mentioned in porn movies, rap songs and television. What are the actual numbers?

Take a look at this geographical chart which was done by a medical association that measured the length of the penis.



Interesting…According to this study America’s penis average is only 5 inches fully erect. Why are men lying about their penis size? Unfortunately people all want to seem bigger than they are. Men, this is not necessary.

An interesting fact about larger dicks is that they are often less hard than their smaller counterparts. Why is this? It’s actually a physical thing. No matter what size penis you have, the same amount of blood gets pumped into your member. Which means if you have a five inch dick, you’re going to be much harder than if you have an eight inch monster.

Men, accept your penis size, it really doesn’t matter. The most important part of your body for sex is actually your mouth.