File this under strange and person specific cures. Apparently an Ohio man who had erectile difficulties off an on for years but when his wife gave birth and started breast feeding, he started to get his mojo back.




For some time now, it’s been known that some women have erotic breast feeding experiences that can be slightly disconcerting when nourishing their children. Who knew that breast feeding could stir up erotic feeling for men as well!


The erotic breast feeding story will be told on TLC!




The Learning Channel certainly has become more liberal in recent years!  In the season three premiere of TLC’s Strange Sex, they are featuring the story of man “Jeff” who has been drinking his wife’s breast milk, for over one and a half years says it cured his erectile dysfunction. Breast feeding (and impregnating his wife) are both freshly discovered fetishes for Jeff, who now has no time getting it up.

‘The first time I breast fed from Michelle, I just latched on and the milk started flowing. It was such a turn on, I had to stop, otherwise I would have finished right then and there,’ he said. ‘It was that much of a turn on.’

His wife didn’t have much of a problem with Jeff milking her for his pleasure.

 ’If you have excess [breast milk], you might as well make use of it.’


Obviously breast feeding won’t cure erectile dysfunction for those who do not have breast feeding fetishes, but it just goes to show…when you’re working with erection problems, sometimes it’s good to think outside of the box.