Oral sex can be a touchy subject. Some consider it demeaning or a pain in the neck (literally!). In reality, it’s a fantastic option if you’re not up for penetrative sex, a wonderful way to give pleasure to your partner and it can also be fantastically arousing to the giver as well as the receiver. So..how to you give really, really great oral sex to a guy? Keep reading for epic blow job tips.




Oral sex can be intimidating to anyone who hasn’t tried it before but as long as you know a few simple do’s and dont’s, no man is going to mind you practicing on him.


Blow Job do’s and dont’s!




Certain things you should never do when giving a blow job, unless your partner tells you explicitly to do them (there are some kinkier guys out there, but if they want the dont’s on this list, then they should ask for it).


Blow Job Dont’s:


  • Don’t ever bite a man’s penis. For obviously reasons biting a man’s dick will not go over well (it hurts!).
  • Don’t blow into a cock. The term “blow job” is very misleading. It really should be called a suck job. Blowing into a man’s penis is actually dangerous since if air made it into his blood stream it could actually give him a stroke!
  • Don’t scratch or pinch his penis. For the same reasons as biting is bad, a penis is VERY sensitive and doesn’t like these things.
  • Don’t pull his pubic hair. Again, for obviously reasons, it hurts.
  • Don’t bend the penis to awkward angles. The dick is not a stick shift, bending it towards the floor or too far to either side can hurt the sensitive cartilage inside.
  • Do not kiss him after he’s cum. Some men don’t care, but others do and really, can you blame them?


Certain blow job actions are considered winners no matter who’s dick you’ve got in your hand.

Blow Job Do’s:


  • Do lick and kiss the cock like you would a delicious treat.
  • Do hold his member firmly in your hands. Although a cock needs to be treated gently, most do like a firm grip as it simulates the tightness of a vagina.
  • Do pay attention to the whole groin area. Kiss, lick and suck all areas down there. Make him beg for you to finally start on his dick!
  • Do play very gently with his balls. Balls are like the forgotten step children of the genital region. So cup them softly in your hands when sucking his cock, he’ll love you for it. Feel free to lick and suck on them as well.
  • Do remember that spit is your friend when it comes to oral sex. The more saliva is on his cock and your hands, the smoother you can rub your hand and your mouth up and down his cock.


How to ace your oral sex exam!




Now you know what not to do and what to do, but how do you go from a “thanks for that” to “Holy hell! What porn star taught you how to do that?!” Don’t worry, follow the instructions below and you’ll really wow him.


Make sure to remember the visual aspect of a blow job!


It’s always good to remember that men are visual creatures, so wearing something sexy, even if it’s just tiny panties and a tank top can really help get your partner aroused. Also, making eye contact once in a while is good to do, this way you can check in and give him so hot “fuck me eyes” and see if he is close to coming or looking bored.


Initiate the oral sex action.


Push him onto the couch or into bed and tell him to relax, that you want it to be all about him for the next little while. Pull off his pants. Kiss him, trail down to his stomach and start licking around his cock, go up to his face and kiss him, the pull up your bra and rub your nipples over his lips. Now move slowly towards his penis, lick your hand and slide it around the bottom of his penis.If he has a foreskin, make sure to gently pull this down as you grip onto the base of his penis.

Begin licking the shaft of his dick, allow lots of saliva to get on his shaft and slowly rub your hand up and down but but avoid licking or touching the tip yet. Finally, cover your teeth with your lips and slowly slide your mouth from his shaft to the tip and suck his cock into your mouth  very slowly, making his penis part your lips like it would any other orifice on your body.


How to fake a deep throat blow job.




With your one hand around the base of his penis put your other around the shaft and move your hand together up and down, this will give the illusion of deep throating without actually having to do it. Now check in. Make eye contact, how is he looking? Take his cock out of your mouth and say something sexy to him like “I love how your cock fills up my mouth”. When he starts breathing heavy, you’ll know he’s about to orgasm.

*If your jaw gets tired at any point, just keep stroking with your hand until you feel comfortable again.


To swallow or not to swallow, that is the question.




Swallowing or not should always be up to the giver of oral sex. If you don’t feel comfortable, I highly suggest having a mug beside the bed where you can pretend to take a sip of water from, while actually spitting out the cum. If you’d rather him not ejaculate at all in your mouth then just as he’s starting to explode, take him out of your mouth and, while still stroking him and aim it onto your breasts. It’s always a nice idea to rub his cock gently on your breasts at this point, it gives a nice visual. Once he’s finished, stop stroking him, as he’s likely to be extremely sensitive.


Now you should be able to give a man great oral sex! Remember, if you’re giving you should also be getting. If he’s lacking in the skill department, I recommend you send him to our how to give oral sex to a woman article. Which, is actually our most popular article on this site.


Remember as always, have fun, use condoms and enjoy your sex life!