The rumors are flying and scandal is surrounding Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon actress Zhang Ziyi about her alleged second job as a high end call girl who has made millions from sleeping with Chinese government officials. Zivi has yet to make a public statement and I’d like the raise the question, whether or not she is moonlighting as a erotic service provider should she have to talk about it?




Where did the rumors about Zhang Ziyi being a call girl originate from?


The original story was in a Hong Kong newspaper called Apple Daily. The Apple Daily is a trashy tabloid and really should hold any water with officials but now, apparently the Chinese government is investigating these claims. For the record, Zhang Ziyi is actually suing Apple Daily, which is not really the sign of a guilty person.


The sexist attitudes towards women in Hollywood.




The difference between how the media treats women  and men is astounding. Rarely would even the most famous male celebrities have to worry about getting their photo snapped while suntanning at the beach, but Zhang Ziyi, an actress who isn’t even really a household name had to sue in order to get topless photos of her removed after a vacation to St. Barts.

Consider for a moment the way men who have been involved in the sex industry are treated in Hollywood. Channing Tatum used to be a stripper and now he’s getting his own movie called Magic Mike. Other actors have dabbled in porn or erotic films and male porn actors often make the leap over to mainstream acting but women who have had sex scandals don’t fair nearly as well.

Sure there are the Kim Kardashians of the world, but they aren’t respected and they always deny that they knew the sex videos would be released. Basically women are shamed for sex and men still get the high fives.


So is it any of our business if actress Zhang Ziyi is a call girl? Heck no!


If Zhang Ziyi is a call girl and it’s all over the internet, she’s going to get busted by the police. If that happens, then it’s between her and the law. It’s none of our business. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world and it’s nothing that someone goes into lightheartedly. It doesn’t appear that Ziyi is a prostitute, but if she was, then I for one respect her right to privacy. Do you?