New hope is on the horizon in the medical world with the news that a promising new experimental vaccine is showing very good results for HIV and Tuberculosis prevention. The research is out of China where clinicians have reportedly developed a vaccine that acts simultaneously against HIV-1 and M. tuberculosis(Mtb).





More about the Chinese team and the HIV and Tuberculosis vaccination


The team, led by Sidong Xiong of Fudan University, Shanghai incorporated four Mtb epitopes (the part of an antigen that is recognized by the immune system) into a backbone composed of HIV-1 p24 protein, a protein that is known to produce protective immunity against HIV-1.

The vaccine induced cellular immune responses to both pathogens, in which immune system cells including macrophages search out and destroy pathogens; and humoral immune response against HIV-1, in which the immune system produces antibodies against the pathogen. The vaccine has only been tested in mice so far, but with any luck, things will move forward towards human testing.



At this point Condoms are clean needles are still the best way to prevent HIV and Tuberculosis


Until a quality vaccine comes out (which, even if this is the magic bullet, will still take many years) using condoms and clean needles is still the best way to prevent communicable diseases, especially HIV, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. So please, be safe, have fun and use condoms!