Sexual slavery is horrific enough but when you add into that a good dose of beastiality and animal cruelty, it crosses a whole new line of horrific. Warning, this story, although it has a happy ending, is quite disturbing.




The orangutan above is Pony. She is now a permanent resident of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. The photo on the bottom right is Pony as she looked a year ago. She was shaved, chained and caged then entire time she was used as a sex slave in a brothel in a small village in Borneo.


The rescue of Pony the Orangutan


Michelle Desilets [Director of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation] explained how they discovered Pony.


 We found her chained to a wall, lying on a mattress. She had been shaved all over her body. If a man walked near her, she would turn herself around, present herself, and start gyrating and going through the motions.

She was being used as a sex slave. She was probably about six or seven years old when we rescued her, but she had been held captive by a madam for a long time. The madam refused to give up the animal because everyone loved Pony and she was a big part of their income. They also thought Pony was lucky, as she would pick winning lottery numbers.

It took them over a year to rescue her, because every time they went in with police and local officers the villagers would fight to keep her. The villagers brandished guns and knives with poison on them.

Finally after a year they came in with 35 policemen armed with AK-47s and they were able to take Pony.

Unfortunately There is no law enforcement in Indonesia so there will be no charges bright against any of the people responsible for the abuse.

It’s utterly unthinkable that these things go on in the world. To donate to the Borneo Orangutan foundation, click here.