The kitchen is a place where we satisfy our cravings and nourish our bodies, so using the kitchen countertop for some hot sex makes perfect sense! This week we’re getting out of the bedroom and into the kitchen for some carnal love making that can include everything, even the kitchen sink!




If you’re bored with bedroom sex, step into the kitchen and get down and dirty on the countertop. Of course, you should make sure to have the countertop wiped clean and free of utensils and gadgets that could poke you at inopportune moments.

Now that the counter is clean, go ahead and get your sexy friend up on the countertop. This is actually a great height for giving oral sex to a woman, just toss a dish towel on the ground and kneel while going down on her.




After she has gotten sufficiently aroused, you can slide on a condom and pull her towards you. Depending on the woman’s flexibility, she can wrap her legs around your waist or…put them on your shoulders for maximum penetration!




Be sure to enter her slowly, as the vaginal canal can become more shallow in this position and depending on how long your penis is, you could end up hitting her cervix (which is painful). So slowly penetrator her and test the depth gently, then find your rhythm and have fun!

*Bonus tip* If you’re beside the sink and it’s large enough and has a detachable faucet head, you can move down there during oral sex and use the faucet head to rain water onto her clitoris, which is a great way to help her climax!

As always, use condoms while having sex, no matter where you end up doing it in your home!