Assume the position! Looking to add a bit more excitement into your sex life? Why not try adding a little light BDSM play into your sex position repertoire? It’s fun to get kinky in the bedroom and this week our sex position is full of it! If you read that hot new book Fifty Shades Of Grey and want to start messing around with S&M, this sex position’s for you.




So you’re up for a little Fifty Shades Of Grey kinky sex. Good for you! To have a hot, erotic and problem free good time with Prison Guard Sex, it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules. If you’re going to act out being a prisoner or a guard and say “in character” the whole time, that will make things far more erotic and will up the sexual tension between you and your adult friend.

Picking a safe word.


You definitely need to have a “safe word” in order to make sure that if something goes wrong or isn’t feeling right, things can stop right away. When picking a safe word, it good to choose something that cannot be confused with “heat of the moment” banter, so “no” or “stop” is usually not a good safe word. Having something like “red light” or “game over” is better, even “peanut butter” or “turkey” are good because they aren’t usually things you’d normally say during intercourse (unless you’re a little kinkier than I thought!).


Setting up for the prison guard sex.



If you can, a pair or fur covered handcuffs are a good prop for prison sex. They’re easy to find at any sex shop or online if you’re not comfortable shopping in person. Whoever is going to be the guard should try and look the part, wear a hat, put on a belt and hang handcuffs from it and maybe even wear some industrial boots if you car. The prisoner should be clothed plainly, in anything “prisoner-ish”.


Assume the sex position




After a little bit of role playing, which may or may not include a fun wrestle on the ground as you fix either handcuffs or some pantyhose around the “prisoner’s” wrists, should then engage in some good old oral sex. With prison guard sex it’s good to give and receive oral sex. So feel free to get your partner on their knees and make them give you an epic blow job or sit on their face and have them go to town with cunnilingus.


After you’re both hard, wet and ready for lockdown…


Make sure a condom is in place and assume the position portrayed in the photo above. If there are back problems or balance problems, feel free to modify the position by having a chair or couch to lean against. Penetration should be slow, especially in you’re engaging in anal sex. Use extra lube if necessary and don’t start really thrusting until your “prisoner” begs for it, when they do, go to town! Just remember, if they use the safe word, stop! If they don’t then keep going.

*Bonus tip* For extra kink in this hot erotic sex position, have a vibrator pressed against your sex partner and tease them with it the whole time you’re having sex, turn it on and off, it will drive them wild!

Have fun with this erotic sex position and as always, please use condoms.