If you’ve ever had an e-mail account, you’ve probably gotten at least a few of the numerous advertisements for cures and tips on how to “last longer in bed”. What nobody has bothered to ask though, is, do you really need to? If you’re a premature ejaculator, sure, it would be nice to stay for more than a few seconds inside of your adult friend, but if you don’t have that problem and you still want to last longer, you may want to consider what your partner wants.


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Why the fixation on long lasting penetration?


Here’s the deal gentlemen, although you may think your dick being thrust in and out of our vaginas is what’s getting us off, most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation not vagina penetration. Often if you’ve been thrusting for a while inside of us, we start making noises just so that you’ll blow your load and get out. When a guy takes too long pounding away at us, it starts to chafe and hurt.


What to do if you’re a premature ejaculator.




Premature ejaculation is far more frustrating for you than it is for us. That being said, if you want to curb how fast you cum, or just feel more confident when you’re in bed, here are a few tips.

  • Give her great oral sex. Seriously, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to go the distance once you’re inside of your adult friend, go to town on her before hand. Giving great oral sex and getting her to climax before you even star twits penetrative sex will help take the performance pressure off of you, which in turn can help you last longer. Even if you still cum quickly once you’re inside it won’t matter if she’s already orgasmed as well.
  • Masturbate before seeing her. This is a standard trick that many men use. If you masturbate a few times the day that you think you’re going to have sex, sometimes that helps with premature ejaculation.
  • Wear a very thick condom. You should always use a condom with sex, but these days many condoms brag about having a “barely there” feel to them. That’s not what you want. Look for “extra strength” or anything that talks about thickness. The thicker it is, the less feeling your dick will have.
  • Have a drink or two. I’m not condoning getting drunk every time you have sex. But alcohol does lower the sensations in the groin region. Make sure you don’t drink too much though, otherwise you may end up with drunk dick, which is a whole different problem.


Good sex is about good chemistry and paying attention.


Seriously it doesn’t matter how big your dick is or how long you can last, if you’re not connecting with your romantic partner and paying attention to what their body responds to, the sex won’t be satisfying. So please, focus more on the sensuous acts leading up to penetration, rather than how long you can last. After all, if you suck at having sex making it longer isn’t going to make it any more pleasurable.