Recently, due to the political climate in the country, there has been a lot of debate about birth control, The Morning After Pill and abortions. For some reason there seems to be confusion about The Morning After Pill (a popular brand is Plan B) and whether or not it causes an abortion to happen. As a nurse, I can tell you The Morning After Pill does NOT cause abortion. Fora more detailed explanation of how The Morning After Pill works, keep reading.



How The Morning After Pill works.


The Morning After Pill, or “Plan B” is taken after someone has unprotected sex, or when the protection fails (like with a broken condom). Depending on the type, most pills can work up to 72 hours after sex has occurred, but the sooner you are able to take the pill the better. Basically, in plain terms, all this pill does, is stop a woman from ovulating.

For those of you who don’t know, ovulation is when a woman drops an egg from her ovaries, this egg drop happens every month and usually just results in a period. If however a woman ovulates at the same time as she has had unprotected intercourse, then the sperm and egg may meet, and conception can happen.

All Plan B does, is stop a woman from ovulating, so she doesn’t drop an egg, so that the egg doesn’t meet the sperm so that there is no conception. If she has already begun ovulating, then the Morning After Pill doesn’t work. That’s why the sooner she takes the pill the better it works.


Why The Morning After Pill is not an abortion.


Saying that stopping a woman from ovulating is abortion is like saying someone threw out a sandwich that was never made in the first place. No conception has taken place, the sperm did not meet the egg, because there was no egg for the sperm to meet.

If a woman takes The Morning After Pill after she has already conceived, as in, she already was ovulating at the time that the couple had sex, nothing will happen. She will remain pregnant. So….obviously it is not an abortion pill if someone who is pregnant can take it and remain pregnant. Obviously it’s not recommended that someone who is pregnant take The Morning After Pill, just as it is not recommended that she takes any unnecessary medication.


Please share the facts and stop spreading rumors.


Too many rumours are going around the country right now due to ill advised politicians who are NOT doctors or medic professionals. Share the facts an not the rumours. Also, always try to practice safe sex, to avoid having to take medication in the first place. After all, a condom is much less expensive than Plan B.