Plastic surgery is not something that people should ever do for someone else and if they do it at all, they should always weight the risks carefully. That being said, a new survey has come out showing that many women report having a more fulfilling sex life after they get their breast implants. Why? A number of different reasons.




Where the survey was taken.


The data was collected by, the largest online community for sharing and learning about cosmetic surgeries and treatments. This in my eyes makes the results quite bias, because online polls have no way of properly verifying of the women are who they say they are and not just promoters of plastic surgery.


The results.




The numbers from the breast implant survey are as follows:

  • 61% of women claimed they had sex more frequently after their breast plastic surgery, while only 7% claimed to have fewer sexual encounters.
  • On a scale of one to ten (one being the least satisfying), participants experienced more than a two point increase in overall sex life satisfaction.
  •  The average pre-procedure sex life satisfaction score was a 6.07, and the average post-procedure sex life scored jumped to an 8.13 70% out of respondents said their overall sex life satisfaction improved after the procedure.
  • 28% of patients noting their sex life went up by four points or more based on the one to ten scale.


In the United States, nearly one million women have received breast enhancement procedures in the last three years, and it currently ranks as the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure nationwide.


Why would breast implants improve a woman’s sex life?




Although in a perfect world, we could all accept our bodies as beautiful and right for us, often young women are mercilessly teased for being flat chested which can wreak havoc on self esteem. This in turn could make her feel self conscious with her sexual partners in her adult life. Of course, the average price for breast implants is around $5000 and that could pay for a lot of therapy to override the self esteem issues, but we live in a quick fix world.


You know what is medically proven to improve everyone’s sex life? Exercise.


Internet surveys are one thing, medical studies and properly supervised in person surveys are another. Results on exercise and sex show a much higher rate of sexual performance and achieving orgasms in men and women. For more on that, read our exercise for more sex article.


Plastic surgery is a highly charged issue in society today. There are real risks that come with it, especially with breast implants (which only can be left in your body for so many years). Before you consider surgery, it may be in your best interest to talk to a therapist or your family doctor about other options.