It’s that time of the week again, get your erotic friend and a box of condoms because I’ve got another new sex position for you to try out. You can get warm and snugly and totally hot with the underrated, awesome “Side by side and face to face sex” position. Keep reading for more on this romantic and erotic sex position.



How to do the “side by side, face to face” sex position.


Let’s cut right to the chase. If you want to have “side by side, face to face sex”, you’d better like who you’re about to bang boots with. This is an intimate sex position which can be spectacular for a couple. For two fuck buddies, it might just end up being a bit too…sweet. So, face to face sex is best done with someone you love.

If you want to have a sex position that will suit casual adult friend acquaintances, might I recommend doggy style? Click here for more on doggy style.




Get into bed and shed your clothing. With this position, penetration will be a little tricky, so oral sex is a must, or lots of lube if for some reason you’re not able to give oral (she’d better be bleeding or you’d better have a broken tongue, otherwise, no excuses!)

Next, of course is putting on a condom. Then while facing each other lying side by side, with legs slightly apart, slowly begin with penetrative sex. After your dick, The girl’s legs in can close tighter around for more cock friction and added clitoral stimulation.

*Bonus tip* Get extra sexy with a vibrating cock ring in this position.


Have fun and be safe, use condoms!