An incredibly popular vein of sex videos is the “Back Room Casting Couch” auditions. They’re all pretty similar, a young woman, in need of cash comes into an audition hoping be an adult films star and then the man auditioning her convinces her to have sex with him. The catch, as is always said is he’s not a casting director and there is no movie. So the girls are just being duped. Or are they? Keep reading and find out.




Are the “unknowing” girls auditioning on the casting couch actually in on the joke?


When you watch the Back Room Casting Couch auditions, it’s unbelievable that these girls could know what’s going on. After all, adult film stars aren’t known for their great acting abilities, but these girls REALLY seem nervous and unsure. So, are they actually being duped?


The Back Room Casting Couch videos are fake.




In some ways I’m sure part of you knew already, after all, it couldn’t be legal for this to really happen. Here’s the deal, recently a reporter decided to do some research on a well known porn urban legend that an ASU Student (18-year-old Elizabeth Hawkenson) who was featured in one of these “porn audition” videos was expelled from school for being in porn.

The reporter actually tracked Hawkenson down and she dished the deal on the Back Room Casting Couch. The pretty co-ed student shared her story not because she was angry from being expelled (because that actually is a myth, she was not expelled) but because her video was supposed to be for pay members only and instead it ended up being on free porn sites like and youporn. Here’s the deal, she was paid $2000, knew exactly what she was getting into and everything was scripted!


So why does this “audition” seem so real?


The thing is that many, if not all of the girls in the audition room are totally new to porn, so their nerves ARE real. If they seem hesitant, unsure of what they’re doing, it’s because they are. Most probably can’t even believe it’s actually happening. Plus there’s the guy with the blurred out face, that helps us all suspend our disbelief.

Although I’m all for adults watching whatever legal videos they want, I’m not a fan of  Back Room Casting Couch. It may be a unique idea, executed well, but they don’t use condoms and…according to news reports, the man behind the blurred face recently contracted herpes. Yet another good reason for the adult film company to mandate condom use.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s on video or in real life, condoms are a MUST!

Until next time, stay safe and have fun.