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The "Back Room Casting Couch" videos: Are they real?

The “Back Room Casting Couch” videos: Are they real?

An incredibly popular vein of sex videos is the “Back Room Casting Couch” auditions. They’re all pretty similar, a young woman, in need of cash comes into an audition hoping be an adult films star and then the man auditioning her convinces her to have sex with him. The catch, as is always said is...
Want To Go On A Porn Tour? There's A Bus For That.

Want To Go On A Porn Tour? There’s A Bus For That.

Los Angeles is known for many things and making adult films is one of them. Now, while fat tourists clim on board tour buses to go and see where Paris Hilton lives, porn lovers can get aboard the L.A. Porn Tours bus. For more on this, keep reading.    The L.A. Porn Tours: How it...
Adult film star James Deen cast in Hollywood movie with Lindsay Lohan!

Adult film star James Deen cast in Hollywood movie with Lindsay Lohan!

It looks like we may have another Sasha Grey on our hands in Hollywood. Adult film star James Deen has signed on to star in a mainstream feature film, co-staring Lindsay Lohan!     James Deen, who made our list of 4 Sexually Progressive Adult Film Stars To Watch, has never done a mainstream movie...
Woman jailed for ripping off man's testicles!

Woman jailed for ripping off man’s testicles!

America isn’t the only country where women attack men in the jewels. A woman in England has just been sentence to jail for 2 and half years for doing some SERIOUS damage to her ex-boyfriend’s testicles. In fact, this 24 year old Liverpool woman tried to swallow his testicles after she ripped them from his...
Priest accidentally shows gay porn pics at first communion meeting!

Priest accidentally shows gay porn pics at first communion meeting!

Bless you Father for you have sinned (at least in the eyes of the Catholic church)! A Northern Irish priest has brought a whole lot of buzz to his parish for all the wrong reasons after he accidentally showed a number of erotic gay pictures during a slideshow to a group of parents during at a...
Lesbian erotic film company makes donation to Planned Parenthood's old research arm!

Lesbian erotic film company makes donation to Planned Parenthood’s old research arm!

Three cheers for lesbian porn and the continuing good it does to women the world over! Happy and generous news has hit the internet this morning! A lesbian erotic (porn) film company by the name of Girlfriend Films has committed to a monthly $1000 donation to the Alan Guttmacher Institute because of its “contribution to reproductive...