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April is STD awareness month!

April is STD awareness month!

It’s national STD awareness month! What does that mean? Well, for starters, many different health organizations are trying to get people to start talking about STD testing and prevention. Even better is the free STD tests that many foundations are giving away this month! For more on that, keep reading! For STD awareness month we’re...
Bengals cheerleader sex scandal!

Bengals cheerleader sex scandal!

Cheerleaders are known for their spunky attitudes and super tight bodies, so from time to time they do get into trouble in the romance department. A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader has upped her game though and may be going to jail for having sex with a minor while she was his teacher at a school in...
Transgendered Miss Universe contestant kicked out!

Transgendered Miss Universe contestant kicked out!

A┬átransgender beauty queen was kicked out of the Miss Universe Canada pageant recently. Now she’s speaking out about the discrimination that she has encountered in a part of the world that is supposed to be known for their progressive ways. Oh Canada! How could you let this poor girl down?   Wow, first they won’t...
Texas loses women's health care thanks to Rick Perry

Texas loses women’s health care thanks to Rick Perry

Terrible news for low income women in Texas. Thanks to the meddling and anti-birth control obsessed governor Rick Perry, there will no longer be government funding for women’s health care in Texas. This is because Perry has began implementing a new law the removes Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid Women’s Health Program. How did...
Pope denounces sex, fun and kittens

Pope denounces sex, fun and kittens

Who’s afraid of a little fun? The Pope, that’s who! It’s real erotic news time here at Erotic News. What’s the sexual information of the hour? That the big man with the golden and white hat is once again trying to take away any fun from those of us who can have sex and don’t...
Zac Efron drops condom, makes safe sex cool

Zac Efron drops condom, makes safe sex cool

Want to know how to promote safe sex amongst teenagers? Get the world’s hottest young actor to accidentally drop a condom at a movie premiere. No, it’s not a new commercial for Magnum condoms, but it could be. After all, what’s better than having a gorgeous young celebrity being seen with your condoms in his...