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Sex positions

Ever wanted to add a little extra oomph to your sex life? How about whipping out some new sex positions? New positions are added every week on Erotic Ads News and we encourage you to try them out and comment on how these kinky positions work for you and your adult friend.


Don't settle for missionary, get down and dirty like a dog!

There are so many different sex positions to choose from, don't get stuck in a dating and sex rut. Push yourself and your lover out of the comfort zone and get into a new love groove with our positions of the week.

Who want's to try the scissoring sex position?

scissoring sex

In this position your legs represent the blades of a pair of scissors, enabling you to grind against each other as if you were two sets of scissors facing each other with the blades over-lapping. For more on scissor sex click here


Has 69 sex always been a fantasy?

sixty nine sex

Find out how to sixty nine right with our "how to" sex position guide. With 69ing both adult friends engage in oral sex on each other at the same time. You can lie one on top of the other or side by side, either way is comfortable, side by side is maybe a little more so. Click on the link to read more on sixty nine sex.

 Read up on how to have woman on top sex.

sex position woman on top

Want to ride your man with confidence? Never fear! After a few simple steps, you'll be able to ride your lover like a rodeo champion! Read more about being the rider you are.

Want some standing sex?

having sex standing up

Stand tall you hot couple! Get it on without getting in bed with these easy standing sex instructions. Don't think you have the upper body strength? You might be surprised, come on give it a try and read up on standing sex.

How about a hug...and a bang!

hug bang

Ever been hugging someone and felt the little "nudge" of love? Having sex while hugging is a very romantic and erotic way to make love. Read up here on how to do the hug bang.

Every week we bring you more sex positions!

Sex is about experimenting, so get out there and mess around, make mistakes and laugh about it. At least after you've read some sex position tips on Erotic News you'll have a recipe to follow. Remember to check back with us weekly for more hot, adult sex positions.

Sex position of the week: Legs in the air sex!

Sex position of the week: Legs in the air sex!

It’s that time of the week again! Bring out your adventurous side and try out a new sex position with our new sex position of the week: Legs over the head sex! It’s sexy, it’s visual and it really gets couples and adult friends really ¬†going! Keep reading and get it on, with your legs...
Sex position of the week: Lap dance sex!

Sex position of the week: Lap dance sex!

It’s that time of the week again folks! Sex position of the week time. This week, it’s time to get out the Tina Turner songs and put on your sexy clothes because you’re going to learn how to give great lap dance sex. Keep reading and learn how to bring the zing back into your...
Sex position of the week: The dirt road! (anal sex)

Sex position of the week: The dirt road! (anal sex)

It’s that time of the week again! This week on Erotic News, we’re going to be taking sex positions to new heights with….the dirt road, otherwise known as anal sex. This is a very important sex position/act to do right. When it’s done correctly, it can be one of the hottest positions ever, when done...
Sex position of the week: Mountain top sex!

Sex position of the week: Mountain top sex!

It’s sex position of the week time! This week we have some hills and valleys for you to explore in mountain top sex. When you’re looking to get a few extra kicks in the bedroom, mountain top sex is the way to go. So read on and discover all the erotic joys you can get...
Sex position of the week: Rocking chair sex!

Sex position of the week: Rocking chair sex!

It sex position of the week time here at Erotic News! Are your grandparents trying to push that old rocking chair on you? Take it! We can show you how to put it to good use with this kinky sex position, rocking chair sex. The rocking chair sex position…rocks!   Does a rocking chair sex...
St. Patricks Day sex position

St. Patricks Day sex position

It’s that time of the week again here at Erotic News. In celebration of the upcoming St. Patricks day, we’re doing an all things Irish edition for sex positions. How do the Irish like to get it on? Is it by dipping a dick in a frosty Shamrock Shake? Or with cold green beer being...