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G-spot found by a!

G-spot found by a male…doctor!

Let the jokes begin…A male doctor has officially found the g-spot! Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a Florida gynecologist confirmed that he had found it in an article published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Where the heck is the elusive g-spot? Keep reading and find out!   How the g-spot was found. Dr. Ostrzenski didn’t find the g-spot in...
Adult videos and your brain.

Adult videos and your brain.

Studies have shown that almost all men (and many women) who have internet access, will go online and watch adult videos. Most will visit free video sites like or other erotic movie sites. Nothing wrong with it, as long as the actors and viewers are of legal age. A fascinating new study is now...
New study proves that people who are homophobic are often gay.

New study proves that people who are homophobic are often gay.

Although many have had suspicions about people who are strongly homophobic actually being gay themselves, now there is proof thanks to a new study. In fact a US/UK team found that heterosexuals tend to be less homophobic than people with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and with authoritarian, anti-gay parents.      ...
Women's right's under attack in Florida!

Women’s right’s under attack in Florida!

It’s serious news here at Erotic News. The government is trying to take away women’s sexual rights with a new Florida Senate Bill named Bill 290. This is a disgusting bill with so much  anti-feminist legislature that I can almost feel the female circumcision. Read on and be informed about the rights that American government...
Science gets closer to "The Pill" for men

Science gets closer to “The Pill” for men

The day when men can take a pill and not worry about impregnating their adult friends may be getting closer, according to new studies. For all of you waiting for the male contraceptive pill, you may want to give this article a read, it’s full of hope and exciting sexual health news! How with the...
Ovulation changes a woman's walk

Ovulation changes a woman’s walk

They say you can tell a lot about a woman by her shoes, but now, scientists are saying that you can tell more about a woman, just by her walk.A new study published in the Elsevier Science journal concludes that when women are ovulating, they have a sexier, slower walk. This is not the first...