Erotic films for women are hard to spot at the video store, but they’re out there, believe us! If you’re a woman and you want to rent an erotic movie winner tonight, read on and see what movies are made…just for the ladies.


Erotic movie number one

Thelma & Louise


This is a great girl power movie about two waitresses that take off from their crappy small town and abusive husbands. Along the road they meet up with Brad Pitt (at his absolute peek hotness! seriously! you could grate cheese on his abs). The scene between Thelma and Brad is one of the most erotically charged scenes in any movie… ever. To top it off the movie itself is actually really great!

Erotic movie number 2

The Dreamers



A sexy, hipster movie before hipsters were even cool! Set in France during the 1968 student riots this movie has many soon to be huge stars including Eva Green (Casino Royal) and Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire). Pitt’s character is an American student studying in Paris who rooms with two hot siblings. Full frontal sex scenes,, youths sexually experimenting and threesome with two guys and one girl ensue in this art house erotic film. The movie can be a little dull at times, so feel free to fast forward to the the naughty bits.

Erotic movie number three

Original Sin


Original Sin is the last truly erotic, sexy movie that Angelina Jolie ever did. Antonio Banderas also hasn’t done much in the way of hot movies since this film. Thomas Jane also starred in this film and has gone on to show off his sexy side in the HBO hit Hung. Original Sin is a little gem of an erotic film all about a deceptive man and woman who fall in love. No one is who they say they are and you’ll actually want to watch every scene to keep up with the plot. More than the good story is the multiple sex scenes with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, along with other characters in the film. A sexy, erotic film that is sure to please any woman!

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