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Online health rumors debunked

Hearing rumors about a new sex drug or negative things about masturbation? Check our blog and make sure you’re not being lied to! Be the first to find out for sure if someone actually died from masturbating 42 times.

Sex statistics brought to you

Wondering exactly what percentage of Americans use condoms? How about how much game female gamers get? We’ll give you all the statistics you can handle, all in easy to read bites.

Sexual health breakthroughs!

When you want to know good news about your sexual health, come to Erotic Ads New. Our bloggers are searching the medical journals for the kind of sexual science that effects you. Things like exercising for more sex and what having a mastectomy will do to your sex drive.

When you want to find out about the news that effects your sex life, come to Erotic Ads News!