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What do singles want under the tree? A match.

What do singles want under the tree? A match.

It might not be news that most people would rather have a match to call their own during the holidays, but did you know that they would rather have love than a job? Pretty impressive to chose romance over cold hard cash. Read on for an inspiring study on what people really want for the...
Erotic book review: If the Buddha dated

Erotic book review: If the Buddha dated

It’s time for our bi-weekly erotic ads book review! Today we’re looking at the philosophical book entitled “If The Buddha Dated: A handbook for finding love on the spiritual path”. This book was written by Charlotte Kasl, a highly prolific author. Along with If the Buddha Dated Charlotte has also written Many Roads: One Journey, ...

Why a plus sized dating site is a bad idea.

According to The Huffington Post, Whitney Thompson of America’s Next Top Model has started up a plus sized dating site. Whitney apparently felt this was a good idea and although I’m glad that this idea came from a plus sized woman, I can’t help feeling very conflicted about it. Here’s what Whitney had to say...
Is "A dangerous Method" glamorizing sexual abuse?

Is “A dangerous Method” glamorizing sexual abuse?

The new Chronenberg movie “A dangerous method” starring Kira Knightly and Michael Fassbender tells the story of a therapist having a tumultuous (and sexual) relationship with a female patient. This makes for great cinema, but is this film glamorizing having sex with a patient? This is a major medical misconduct and could also be considered...