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The "Back Room Casting Couch" videos: Are they real?

The “Back Room Casting Couch” videos: Are they real?

An incredibly popular vein of sex videos is the “Back Room Casting Couch” auditions. They’re all pretty similar, a young woman, in need of cash comes into an audition hoping be an adult films star and then the man auditioning her convinces her to have sex with him. The catch, as is always said is...
Priest accidentally shows gay porn pics at first communion meeting!

Priest accidentally shows gay porn pics at first communion meeting!

Bless you Father for you have sinned (at least in the eyes of the Catholic church)! A Northern Irish priest has brought a whole lot of buzz to his parish for all the wrong reasons after he accidentally showed a number of erotic gay pictures during a slideshow to a group of parents during at a...
Lesbian erotic film company makes donation to Planned Parenthood's old research arm!

Lesbian erotic film company makes donation to Planned Parenthood’s old research arm!

Three cheers for lesbian porn and the continuing good it does to women the world over! Happy and generous news has hit the internet this morning! A lesbian erotic (porn) film company by the name of Girlfriend Films has committed to a monthly $1000 donation to the Alan Guttmacher Institute because of its “contribution to reproductive...
Bengals cheerleader sex scandal!

Bengals cheerleader sex scandal!

Cheerleaders are known for their spunky attitudes and super tight bodies, so from time to time they do get into trouble in the romance department. A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader has upped her game though and may be going to jail for having sex with a minor while she was his teacher at a school in...
Sex position of the week: Rocking chair sex!

Sex position of the week: Rocking chair sex!

It sex position of the week time here at Erotic News! Are your grandparents trying to push that old rocking chair on you? Take it! We can show you how to put it to good use with this kinky sex position, rocking chair sex. The rocking chair sex position…rocks!   Does a rocking chair sex...
Southerners have worst sexual health

Southerners have worst sexual health

The Southern States have gotten a wake up call with a recently released study showing that young people living in the South have the worst sexual health in all America. Although this is obviously a bad thing, it also opens the door to getting assistance for sexual health programs and better sex education. The sexual...