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Is biking bad for a woman's sexual health?

Is biking bad for a woman’s sexual health?

Most people know the sexual health risks there are for men who cycle. Now, studies are coming out saying that there may be dangers for female cyclists. What kind of sexual health risks are there for women who like biking? Read on and find out. New studies shows issues with bicycling and women’s sexual health!...
Exercise for more sex

Exercise for more sex

Let’s get physical!   According to experts these days, the more exercise you have, the more sex you’ll get with that adult friend. Why is this the case? That’s what we’ll be looking at today on Erotic Ads news. Getting it on takes a fair amount of stamina if you’re doing it right, so it’s...
Can women orgasm during exercise?

Can women orgasm during exercise?

It’s sexual health time here at Erotic News and today rumors are swirling around the internet regarding women, exercise and orgasms. So, can women exercise to orgasm? Let’s take a look at some of the facts behind the hype of what’s fast becoming known as the “core-gasm”.   The science behind exercise induced orgasms  ...
Scientifically proven: Old women love sex

Scientifically proven: Old women love sex

Sex isn’t just for the young, it’s also for the young at heart. A new and exciting study has just been published in the American Journal of Medicine showing that the older you get, the more sexually satisfied you may become.   Elderly women are reporting, in a large study, that their sexual satisfaction has...