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Texas loses women's health care thanks to Rick Perry

Texas loses women’s health care thanks to Rick Perry

Terrible news for low income women in Texas. Thanks to the meddling and anti-birth control obsessed governor Rick Perry, there will no longer be government funding for women’s health care in Texas. This is because Perry has began implementing a new law the removes Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid Women’s Health Program. How did...
Women's right's under attack in Florida!

Women’s right’s under attack in Florida!

It’s serious news here at Erotic News. The government is trying to take away women’s sexual rights with a new Florida Senate Bill named Bill 290. This is a disgusting bill with so much ¬†anti-feminist legislature that I can almost feel the female circumcision. Read on and be informed about the rights that American government...
Can Rick Perry take away birth control?

Can Rick Perry take away birth control?

It’s a new year with new important erotic news on the horizon. GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has gone on record saying he’s against birth control, even within a marriage. Frighting for people who like sex but don’t want to have 18 children and 6 different kinds of STI’s.   So, if Rick Perry is...